Dynomighty wallets are wallets made of some sort of paper which is pretty much indestructible. They allow you to make your own designs and join their Artist Collective. ‘Wish you were here’ is my first design and is available here.

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Artist Collective: 50’s Pin Ups by Burry Buermans

In case you didn’t get to see the #SECRETWALLS live painting yesterday or the #LAROC exhibit, today’s your day! We’ll be open till 6pm. #DAF14 #DUMBO (at Be Mighty! Space )

This week’s #FanFriday from @zxxyexn is in honor of this Sundays #Simpsons premier. #mightywallet

#fbf Keith Haring and LAROC/LA2. Stop by the Be Mighty! Space from 6-8 pm tonight and Meet #LAROC in person. #DAF14 @Dumboartsfestival #DUMBO #ART #LAII #1980 #KeithHaring (at Be Mighty! Space )

#sneakpeek The Be Mighty! Space is ready for @dumboartsfestival #LAROC #SECRETWALLS #brooklyn #DUMBO #LETSPARTY

#Repost from @yeonjeong_bang. We’d swim in sprinkles if we could.

#SECRETWALLS this Saturday, September 27th 2pm @abelincolnjr vs @brandonsines RSVP now for FREE entry #DAF14 @secretwallsusa @dumboartsfestival (at Be Mighty! Space )

This weekend DYNOMIGHTY and few of our Artist Collective Artists will be participating in the 2014 DUMBO Arts Festival, A three day celebration of art on the East River waterfront, at 80 John Street!

Join us this Friday for an exhibition of work by LA2/LAROC. in his early teens, Ortiz was befriended by the universally acknowledged artist Keith Haring, and they collaborated on numbers of works in the early 1980s. You can check out his Artist Collective designs here.

Saturday at 2pm, Secret Walls will stage a live art battle between SinesArt and Abe Lincoln Jr. If you’re not familiar with Secret Walls (formerly Secret Wars) it is “the World’s premier live art battle. Working in a similar way to Fight Club.”  You can check out SinesArt Artist Collective designs here, and you can purchase Abe Lincoln Jr’s Custom Mighty Wallet here.

Be sure to RSVP at, it’s going to be epic. Special Thanks to our sponsors Dropbox and Modify Watches for helping make this event possible.  

Legendary #graffiti #artist LA2/LAROC will be on exhibit during the @dumboartsfestival Sept 26th - 28th. Original work will be on display and the artist himself will be on site signing on Friday Sept 26th from 6-8 pm at 80 John St. #DAF14 #LAROC #LAII #artforsale #ArtistCollective (at Be Mighty! Space )


Psychedelic GIF’s by hexeosis (Artist on tumblr)

Some Tuesday inspiration. 

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Artist Collective: Pizza time! by nerdwaffles

Today’s #FanFriday comes from @truefalse. Classic, clean, and composed. #mightywallet #tyvekwallet #dynomighty (at Dynomighty HQ )