Artist Collective: Sleepy Breakfast by Fatima Camiloza

The Artist Collective just got a new edition! Monsters of New York just joined in the fun. Showcasing monsters in their natural habitat is what MoNY does best! 


"Mighty Puget" Mighty Wallet Design (c) Braedyn E.S.

A week ago we debuted the new and improved Dynomighty Artist Collective with over 100 designs printed right here in Brooklyn, all available RIGHT NOW!

Before Dorian Lehmann joined the collective, he was taking D.I.Y. Blank Mighty Wallets, hand drawing them with his traditional Sailor Jerry tattoo style. We’re quite honored to have his work as part of our relaunch. You can check out more or Mr Lehmann’s work here and here.

Go and pick up a Traditional Tattoo Design Mighty Wallet by Dorian Lehmann TODAY!

Happy #EarthDay! #mightywallet #artistcollective


My wallet is now up for sale! I must say it turned out pretty great!

Get it HERE!


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In the spirit of spreading creativity around the world, we are highlighting artists that are working with us through Artist Collective. This go round is all about Wotto! 

Follow Wotto Art, learn more about Wotto, or check out his Mighty Wallets!

Be Mighty! 


Old, old, new. #mightywallet #dynomightydesign

#FanFriday via @instagram user @Mteveritt! It’s a great shot of the #FrankApe Artist Collective Mighty Wallet by @sinesart. Don’t forget to join in, #MightyWallet.

Seven years ago today the Tyvek wallet was redesigned and the Mighty Wallet was born.

A year ago today we opened the canvas of the Mighty Wallet to artists worldwide when we introduced Dynomighty’s Artist Collective.

Today we introduce the revamped Artist Collective, with over 99 designs available on demand (meaning RIGHT NOW) all printed right here in Brooklyn, NY. 

We just got our #lucky #cat back from #LAROC what do you think?

Our good friends over at Designboom are up for a Webby for their amazing design blog. Please take a moment and place a VOTE for them. 

The shots above are from the Saint-Ètienne 5th Biennial International Design Festival in 2006, where we first showcased our Mighty Wallets to an International audience thanks to Designboom.  Next month we’ll be teaming up again to introduce some brand new items at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, if you’re in New York for it come check us out. 

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